The Beginning | The Foundation of ODAM Publishing October 2, 2014 09:00

So here is the very first entry of our websites blog “The Shared Dream”. I guess it is only appropriate that we start at the beginning. As is normally the case in my world, it started with a dream. Have you ever had one of those dreams that seemed so oddly vivid, so strangely real, that you woke finding it difficult to seperate what had happened when you were sleeping from what happened when you were awake? It was one dream just like that which caused me to begin a several year long odyssey that led to the creation of ODAM publishing.

I had been out late with some friends, burning the midnight oil, soaking in all the laughter I could before having to call it a night and get to bed. Mind you this wasn’t a drinking affair, simply a causal hang out that had us recalling comical memories into the night. You know those kind of convo’s where your buddies get on a roll telling stories about all the silly or crazy things you’d all done together. Every funny shared memory comes out with a chorus of laughter and your cheeks hurt before the night is over. Yeah it was that kind of evening, so as you would imagine I was in no rush to to call it quits early and head to sleep.

Sleep came eventually of course, and that was when the strangeness set in. In my mind, I had woken up, startled by my dreams, and spent sometime talking to a friend about it on the phone.

I had breakfast, got dressed, went to work, spoke to some more friends about the crazy dream I had, and discoverd they had all had the same dream. In fact, we had all experienced exact same dream, yet hadn’t realized it until we spoke about it on the phone. In this dream we were in a strange place and none of us were strictly ourselves. You know how you can be in a dream and somehow know that you are both you, and not you, at the same time? Well we all had that happen. Each of us were a character capable of some pretty wild magic, and the dream had some fairly bizzarre components that I’ll spare you the details of. The thing we could not all get over was how we all experienced the exact same dream. To us it was as if we had lived through something real and we could hardly get over it.

Eventually the day ended and exausted from the night prior’s turbulent sleep, I went to bed early. I woke up and went about my day as I normally would. It wasn’t until one of my closest friends called me at work that I realized how screwy things had gotten. See my friend was calling to ask if I was alright. When I asked him what he meant, he informed me that I’ve been ignoring eveyone’s calls and text messages. Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about and made a snide comment about how he should stop being an ass. His confusion was so obviously geniune that I asked him to hold on a sec. I remember scrolling through my phone to find the missed calls log and seeing dozens of phone numbers from the day before. Mildly freaked out, I started scrolling through my texts and found more that a few people sent me messages that I completely ignored. I rationalized the best I could and told my friend something must have been wrong and I just didn’t receive them until today. I even asked him “Why didn’t you just mention it while we were on the phone?”.

Turns out I never spoke to my friend the day prior. Truth was I never spoke to anyone. I had apparently fallen asleep, and literally slept through a whole day somehow. Now I’ve never been a big sleeper so I was slow to come to grips with this realization. It was all a dream. I had literally had a dream about telling my friends about a dream I had – in a dream. Never could I remember a dream being so vivid or oddly “real” that I couldn’t tell that it hadn’t actually happened. The worst part of it all was I couldn’t speak to my friends anymore about our adventures as these super cool magic wielding people.

So after calling friends and loved ones and passing around the excuses of “I was sick” and “I slept late”, I came to the conclusion that the whole experience was so strange and surreal, that I needed to do something with it. Thus came the inspiration for “Of Dreams and Magic”. I told one of my closest friends about my dream, this time for real, and explained how I thought the ideas it gave me would make for an outstanding Roleplaying game, and he agreed with me. More than just agreeing, he started to believe. I went on and on about all the things that we could do and how great a company could be that produced the kind of game that could be endlessly enjoyed by anyone. Everyone dreams, and why shouldn’t they have the thrill of sharing those dreams with others?

Before I knew it, I had started a new dream. I wanted to take my experience and use it to create a company that would provide a full line of inspiring, enjoyable tabletop games that my friends and I would be proud of. I realized I wanted to share my dream with everyone, and have them share theirs as well.

So that’s how it all started.