Dreamscapes - The cure for my gaming A.D.D. December 8, 2015 22:48

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited. As soon as the first trailer released, I sent a text to John and asked "Dude (yeah, I still call people dude), would you please write another Sci-Fi story for us?" He laughed and responded "Leave me alone. I'm writing ODAM material." The next month, I'll ask for a high fantasy campaign, and the week after that, I want to play a hard boiled detective story. The poor guy has probably written the intro to a dozen stories in a dozen different worlds. Most, never to be played.

Ultimately, it seems as though I'm heavily influenced by the material I consume and desperately want to live in those worlds. I've come to the conclusion that my constantly shifting desires to play in various settings essentially forced John and Matt to develop the idea for Dreamscapes. So... I guess I'll take the credit for it.

The idea with Dreamscapes is that your Of Dreams and Magic character consistently revisits a persistent dream where they take on the identity of an Animus. In the "real" or Waking World, my character may be a tired, working every-day Joe, but when he dreams he is transported to the world setting of Planet V where he's a Battletech wearing, psionic warrior. Every time he delves into that Dreamscape, he becomes that Animus. 

Entire campaigns can be told in these Dreamscapes, with your players never actually dealing with the happenings of the Waking World. Or, your story can weave in and out of each players favored Dreamscape, offering them the ability to take some of these Animus powers back with them into the Waking World.  The beauty of it is, the character's background, traits, base skills, etc... stay the same and the ODAM system's foundation remains. It's ODAM, no matter what genre or setting you're playing in. 

I know this post may seem like a shameless plug, but the project we're working on at ODAM has me excited about Dreamscapes and the seemingly limitless possibilities to experience stories in various genre's while building on the character that exists in the Waking World. Finally, an answer to my RPG A.D.D. 

We've included some example Dreamscapes in the Of Dreams and Magic Core Rulebook, but we would certainly love to hear if anyone has any other great ideas for their dream world. 

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