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I'm Not Crazy - Superstitious Gaming August 28, 2015 14:47

RPG gamers are a superstitious lot. We “charge” or “power up” our dice by leaving them on a particular number for extended periods, we store consumables indefinitely because “if I use it now, I’ll definitely need it later”, and we usually check for traps and treasures in every room we enter (gaming or not). We deathly fear that moment the storyteller or errant roll of the dice will rip from us everything we hold dear. We cannot bear to think that the countless hours spent developing, upgrading, and dreaming about our character will end in utter heartache; so we take careful, precise measures to ensure luck is on our side. Ok, maybe it’s a little OCD.

A Tale of Two Twenties March 7, 2015 09:00

Continuing on from John’s post about dice and how they affect sessions, I wanted to go into some more detail and tell two stories about how the roll of the die has affected games I've played.

There we were, after months of play and a year of in-game investigation. Sian the Jedi Investigator finally tracked down his fallen brethren, and was going to put a stop to him and his illicit cyberware smuggling schemes once and for all.  They faced off for the final confrontation. Initiative was rolled. The player went first.

He rolled a natural 20.  A crit. He rolled again to check for critical damage. Another natural 20.