Dreamscape: Laruna PDF (Digital Edition)

$ 19.95

Visit the epic fantasy land of Laruna where players assume the role of Legacy bearers, mortals who have inherited fabled god-magic! Delve into a fully realized world with a deep history, kingdoms at war, ferocious beasts and powerful magic. Fight the ever present corruption of Legacy that is turning the once perfect land into the feeding ground for Kreesh monsters. 

Wield fantastic powers and face mighty creatures while you shape the world of Laruna and claim your Legacy!  

The Dreamscape:Laruna Core Rulebook (digital edition) contains all the information that players and the Dreamweaver need in order to tell rich, engaging stories in the Dreamscape:Laruna setting.

The massive, fully illustrated, Core Rulebook is formatted in high-def PDF format and will also be available in hardcover print format.

The Dreamscape:Laruna Core Rulebook contains:

  • History of the ages, a full color world map, detailed Kingdoms, trade goods systems, a thoughtful and engaging crafting system, a scalable Magic system with over 150 spells, and much more!
  • Rules to utilize the Over/Under d10 dice system in social and combat settings
  • Character creation rules for players to create powerful Legacy Bearers imbued with god-magic, with 15 Legacy Archetypes to choose from
  • Fully fleshed out sample NPCs 
  • A chapter devoted to Dreamweaving in Laruna, containing story hooks and storytelling tips
  • Tools for expanding your existing “Of Dreams and Magic” campaign by bringing the magic and fantasy of Laruna into the Waking World 

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