About Us

ODAM Publishing is a company that creates inspiring, high quality games that anyone can enjoy. Founded by life-long gamers who were dissatisfied with what the marketplace offered, ODAM Publishing seeks to deliver quality games that any gamer would be excited about.

Of Dreams and Magic

Of Dreams and Magic is ODAM Publishing's flagship RPG, released in 2015. It allows players to assume the role of Anima--those who can channel their dreams into the real world. They must fend off living nightmares as they come to grips with their newfound power and its deadly consequences.

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Dreamscape: Laruna

Dreamscape: Laruna is ODAM's second RPG, released in 2016. It can be used as an expansion to Of Dreams and Magic, or as a complete standalone high fantasy RPG. In Laruna, players take on the role of Legacy Bearers--those born with a piece of god-magic. They must face off against corrupted creatures and horrific Kreesh--deadly monsters who seek to devour them and consume their power.

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