Most people believe magic is nothing but fantasy, and dreams are little more than wishful thoughts, but there are those who can see past The Doubt and create magic in the real world. These people understand the power of their dreams, and refuse to give in. They have the conviction to stand up to the Doubt and all the nightmares it brings to life. These people are known as Anima. They come from all walks of life and can be of any age, gender or race. They can hold any number of religious faiths, or even none at all. While every Anima is unique, they are united in one simple belief: Magic is real, and dreams matter.

When an Anima first defeats the Doubt in their dreams, the identity or role they assumed during the process becomes known as their Animus. Parts of this Animus, or dreamself, can then be recalled when needed in the Waking World, granting the Anima extraordinary abilities. 

Play Of Dreams and Magic and become an Anima! Channel your powerful Animus identity and wield its abilities to battle those who would stand against you. Delve into magical traditions and learn to make rites and rituals work as they only have in myth or legend. Master the many dreams you visit and take fantastic powers from them back with you when you wake. Do all of it because the Doubt, its living nightmares, and any other enemies natural or otherwise you may come to face will do everything they can to put you to an end.

*Using a flexible and dynamic character creation system, players can allocate statistic priorities that grant them the traits, techniques and details to make memorable and unique characters.

*Build the dreamer and the dream - create a waking world identity as well as a heroic Animus to channel when in need of great power. Enjoy crafting a special dreamself wielding the great sorcery of fantasy, or the advanced cybernetics of the future!

*With over 20 pre-designed Animus options, 25 magical practices and a host of traits and techniques you can be sure to craft your character and their story exactly how you want.

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