Legacies of Laruna

The god-magic passed down by Alshara is divided into five types called Legacies. Each Legacy refers to a specific type of magic, and a mortal may inherit only one at the time of their birth.

The five Legacies are: Elements, Calling, Change, Light, and Dark.


The powers of past heroes echo within each Legacy. Which specific skill set a mortal inherits is known as their Archetype.


Legacy: Elements

Empowering their weapons with lightning, Stormborn are devastating warriors capable of striking multiple opponents with electrical energy while traversing battlefields quickly for tactical superiority.

Over the years, the Stormborn lineage bore many noteworthy warriors, though they did not all share the nobility of their progenitor. Regardless of their purpose, Stormborn and their overbearing presence on the battlefield became the stuff of legend and many were actively sought after by military leaders in the hopes of gaining their power.



Legacy: Calling

Masters of nature, the Earthwarden uses healing, summons, and other magics to lord over a domain, making any terrain hospitable and advantageous.

Tales of earning an Earthwarden’s ire are common and more than one wise offender has fled a territory, abandoning their livelihood in hopes to escape retribution. Those who earn the genuine trust or appreciation of an Earthwarden were said to have no survival concerns, as the land would always provide for them. They could walk unharmed in the thickest forest, find food in barren fields, and drink clean water from any pond.


Legacy: Change

Manipulation of time and space was once thought to be purely the domain of the gods above. After "The Fall" however, the Descendant mages of Epilesis brought with them these exotic magics previously unknown to mortal casters. Those Descendants who mastered control of time and space were deemed "Gatekeepers".

If a Gatekeeper gave an accounting, they would say that wars were averted by their actions before a single person was even killed. Extraplanar invasions were prevented before they had begun and potentially cataclysmic errors of judgement were corrected before any damage had occurred. They would be telling the truth, of course, but only they would know it.


Legacy: Light

Lightbringers use the power of the light to stand valiantly against the darkness. Their powers hone light magic in a number of ways to provide healing for the wounded, protection for the weak, and justice for the wicked. Noteworthy Lightbringers have performed miraculous feats that still live on as legend.

For the commonfolk, a Lightbringer’s presence was almost uniformly seen as a blessing. By donating tokens which were freely obtained from the church, they would have the opportunity for major assistance with any trouble, a kind that would ordinarily be out of their reach.

Many people of influence or power did not share this positive opinion. On occasion the downtrodden would bring the Lightbringer in direct opposition of the movers and shakers in an area, leading to more than one politician, business owner, or even king being disposed.


Legacy: Dark

With mastery over shadows, the Shadowmancer is an expert assassin capable of quick and precise strikes. Enhanced by their ability to terrify, confuse and escape their enemies, many victims find themselves dead or dying before they know what hit them.

The Shadowmancers would claim credit for countless assassinations through the years and become a feared organization that always managed to find plenty of clients. In Laruna, there was always need for exceptional killers who could get in and out of the most secure places without a trace. Eventually the Shadowmancers would transform their order into an efficient guild, commanding outrageous prices but offering unequalled skills for a plethora of criminal deeds from simple theft to coercion and murder.