The Shared Dream offers a wide variety of characters with unique abilities. We wanted to provide enough to offer compelling strategic combos, good replay value, and most importantly, fun!

Nikki - With a high Combat Score and bonuses to Combat, Damage, and Range, she is able to engage almost any enemy you may come across! Her Social Score also gives you the opportunity to handle these tests as well!

Blake - Blake can best be described as the glass cannon of the group. With extremely high Magic and damaging abilities that can be used more than once a turn when channeled, he stands to make short work of most threats. Be careful though, his low Combat and slow movement make him rather vulnerable to attack.

Jerry - A well-rounded support character, Jerry can handle most basic combat threats, while using his high Magic to blast enemies and heal or protect his allies.

Billy - The epitome of a solo attacker, Billy's Monster Hunter Animus can tear through shadows and reavers, but is lacking when it comes to magical and social tasks.


Ryder - Ryder is somewhat of a Jack of All Trades, with special support abilities that allow him to control the board.

Tillman - The Super Hero sports the best mobility of all players, and his ability to carry others across the map makes a great addition to any team. His abilities Heroic Throw and Eye Lasers make him a force to be reckoned with as well! 


Erica - Erica may appear to be a young girl, but her telepathic abilities allow her to dominate magic and social tests, as well as manipulate enemies on the board.


Ava - Ava's Animus is well-rounded and very resilient, making her an an excellent combatant who can wade right into the fray.


Francis -The Scion specialized in taking down reavers. He also makes an excellent support character who can gain Conviction easily and use his Boon ability to heal his allies and grant them additional Conviction as well.


Mike - Mobility and board control are the Infiltrator's specialty. He is able to move freely around the city while laying traps to halt enemies.