Not all dreams are finite, transient events. There are some dreams that persist and recur, able to be experienced by many Anima time and again. These special dreams, known as Dreamscapes, force a unique experience upon an Anima by having them enter a dream they have already visited before. Some Anima believe these Dreamscapes are a type of great shared dream that was once created by groups of powerful Anima before the Doubt claimed dominion over the Waking World. Others suspect that these Dreamscapes aren’t dreams at all, rather real worlds or dimensions that are vastly different from our own. Whatever the truth may be, travelling through Dreamscapes is a unique part of Anima life that allows them to experience a myriad of worlds in their dreams.

Of Dreams and Magic offers playgroups a unique experience by allowing drastic changes in setting and theme from story to story. It does this through the use of Dreamscapes. These persistent dreams allow players to visit various settings such as high fantasy lands full of sorcery and monsters, or science fiction futuristic planets full of alien life and technology. These special become a battleground on which players fight their war against their nightmares, giving a playgroup the chance to tell whatever stories suit their fancy for a given game session.

*Use any setting desired to give you stories a taste of something new. Slay dragons, fly spaceships, or don a superhero mask and save a city. Anything is possible in a Dreamscape, so enjoy the continuity of having players return to these dreams and continue their tales.

*Reap the rewards of Dreamscape experiences and accumulate Remnants - special magics linked closely to their Dreamscape of origin.

*Choose from nine thought provoking sample Dreamscapes to help enrich your stories, or let them serve as inspiration to create your own.

How to play.