How it all Started

There was a man who could do magic. He had many wondrous dreams, dreams he was able to make real using only his own conviction. This man told everyone he could about his dreams and the magic he could do, but nobody would believe him. They said he was mad, and that magic wasn’t real. Just when that man was on the precipice of doubting all that he knew, something miraculous happened. Something that would change the world.

He found someone who believed him.

While the urban legend of Doctor Connor Marlowe and Patient 1-15 explains one possible way Anima came to be in Of Dreams and Magic, legends are more than just stories. This cautionary tale of the battle between Conviction and Doubt served as the basis for all of Anima society. With the current whereabouts of Dr. Marlowe and Patient 1-15 a mystery, Anima must act together to build the society that the good doctor believed they could. After all, Patient 1-15 spoke of more than just dreams and magic - he also carried a potent warning. The Nightmare is coming.

*Learn about the DCMA, the single largest organization of Anima, and how they serve as a mystical police force protecting society from nightmares and the people who create them.

*Do battle against the fallen Anima and their cult like group M.O.X. as they seek to serve the Doubt and destroy their former kin.

*Form a coven with your closest fellow Anima and enjoy the strength of numbers when doing battle against your toughest foes.

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