Legacy | Dreamscape: Laruna

After suffering a catastrophe at the hands of a maniacal wizard, Laruna had its magic stolen and used to create a manifestation of god-power. This divine magic was quickly taken and restored to the world. Ever since, mortals of the five races have been born bearing the marks of this “Legacy” and they have been using the power it grants them to change the world. This Legacy has many types of manifestations, known as Archetypes, which provide the players with their character type.

Calling Legacy | Dreamscape: Laruna

The Calling Legacy: Issuing a command to the universe and having it obeyed is a special gift. Those with such power have inherited the ability to summon creatures, warp minds, or sway nature to their will.

  • Summoner: Calling forth forces from other worlds, the summoner commands powerful creatures in battle and gains significant personal benefits from their presence as well.
  • Mirage: A deception specialist that uses illusions to confuse and ravage the minds of their opponents.
  • Earthwarden: Masters of nature, the Earthwarden uses healing, summons, and other magics to lord over a domain making any terrain hospitable and advantageous.

Change Legacy | Dreamscape: Laruna

The Change Legacy: In many ways, the ability to change, be it one's self, others, or the laws of their world, is the quintessential purpose of magic. Those who master the Change can shape-shift, influence the tides of battle, or bend time and space.

  • Shifter: Making superb use of bodily transformations, Shifters are monk-like warriors who possess no need for conventional weaponry, instead changing their body into the weapons possessed by many of Laruna’s creatures.
  • Megalindir: Combat masters, the Megalindir weave magic into the motions of their bodies and weapons to affect the tides of battle. Equally capable of offensive and defensive measures, the Megalindir use their many different songs and dances to enhance both their combat skills and the skills of their allies.
  • Gatekeeper: Gatekeepers manipulate time and space to create chaos for their enemies and act outside of the normal flow of time.

Elements Legacy | Dreamscape: Laruna

The Elements Legacy: Mastery over the elements of the world allows someone to use their properties to create splendid effects. Raining fire from the skies, imbuing weapons with eldritch power or riding a bolt of lightning are all within their reach.

  • Stormborn: Empowering their weapons with lightning, Stormborn are devastating warriors capable of striking multiple opponents with electricity, and traversing battlefields quickly for tactical superiority.
  • Sorcerer: Masters of magical destruction, Sorcerers enjoy prowess and versatility with spells unrivaled by other archetypes.
  • Sora'somin: By infusing their versatile Remokin with elemental magic, Sora’somin blend magic with martial prowess. At long ranges, they wield their Remokin as a bow, firing arrows imbued with varied elemental attacks. When the need for close quarter combat arises, they effortlessly shift the Remokin into a glaive form.

Light Legacy | Dreamscape: Laruna

The Light Legacy: Being born of the Light means having the power to heal the wounded, protect the weak, or pull upon the strings of the cosmos. 

  • Lightbringer: Uses the power of the Light to stand valiantly against the darkness. Lightbringer powers hone light magic in a number of ways to provide healing for the wounded, protection for the weak, and justice for the wicked.
  • Sentinel: A defensive specialist, the Sentinel uses protection powers complemented by arcane attacks to become an unyielding and enduring fixture in any conflict.
  • Starcaller: A versatile archetype that changes the fabric of fate by manipulating and drawing upon the stars in the sky.

Dark Legacy | Dreamscape: Laruna

The Dark Legacy: Necromantic powers and command of the shadows are the hallmarks of the Dark legacy. Mastery over undeath, commanding souls or giving life to shadows all demonstrate this profane gift. 

  • Death Lord: Dark warriors who wield corruption and disease on the battlefield, suffusing their strength with necromantic arts.
  • Soulbender: Bending dark magic to varied tasks, the Soulbender is a dangerous foe who is equally comfortable on the battlefield or solving mysteries. By capturing souls and keeping them captive, they learn to force them into many purposes from crafting weapons to divulging secrets.
  • Shadowmancer: With mastery over shadows, the Shadowmancer is an expert assassin, capable of quick and precise strikes. Enhanced by their ability to terrify, confuse and escape their enemies, many victims find themselves dead or dying before they know what hit them.


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