Races of Laruna

Races of Laruna | Dreamscape: Laruna

The Descendants, Humans, Garaith, Ashik, and Mesmulot are the five races inhabiting Laruna.

In Laruna, you play as one of the 5 mortal races capable of becoming a Legacy Bearer. Each mortal race in Laruna differs in the way they interact with the world, from how their societies are structured, to the way they eat to survive. Along with unique racial traits, much of your experience in Laruna will change based on the race you choose to play.

Descendant | Dreamscape:Laruna

Once the agents of the Elder God, the Descendants who populate Laruna are the progeny of the few who chose to stay behind.

When the Elder God recalled the Descendant army from the Dreamcatcher, several of them chose to stay, sacrificing their Argasheel to remain among the mortals of a land they had come to love.

Giving up their power has changed the once godlike entities into a mortal people. Despite their new existence, the Descendants are a regal, wise, and somewhat aloof race that has played a pivotal role in the rise of humanity as well as shaping Laruna both before and after their change.


Placed upon the face of Laruna by the Elder God, humans are in many ways the centerpiece of Laruna’s history.

Mankind alone claims the strange status of being wooed by the Young Gods as well as being given a place of significance in Laruna as a birthright. Since their arrival in the third age, they have consistently altered the magnificent world around them.

Nothing better describes the human condition than “limitless potential”. Elegantly designed by the Elder God, human beings are equally capable of excellence in all manner of pursuits, be they art, literature or war.

With such clear favoritism from the Young Gods, their vast creations like the city of Sol, and world-changing legacies like that of Alshara, it is no surprise that humans are looked upon with envy or scorn everywhere they go.

Garaith | Dreamscape:Laruna

Warlike, ferocious, and competitive, the Garaith are a savage people who live in a constant state of conflict. Their powerful bodies, snarling maws and aggressive behaviors deceive many people into incorrectly thinking that the Garaith are nothing more than mindless brutes. While strength and violence are normal parts of the Garaith lifestyle, they are much more than the wild animals many of Laruna’s inhabitants see them as.

Originally created during the second age as warrior-slaves for the Dragons, the Garaith won both their freedom and the continued existence of their creators during The Summit.

No longer in direct service of their draconic creators, the dragonmen are now a free folk who live cruel and harsh lives, be they in their native nation of Darco’Garaith or anywhere else in the lands of Laruna. Fearless warriors with unmatched ferocity, the Garaith are some of the most sought after soldiers in every corner of Laruna.

Glory seeking Garaith have been known to travel the kingdoms offering their talents as sellswords and earning considerable fame in the process.

Ashik | Dreamscape:Laruna

Ashik are a broken, shattered people with no true unified culture or purpose of their own.

Born from the earth, the Ashik served the Titans and fought valiantly to protect Laruna from dragon fire. Now without the Titan’s will, they simply exist as de facto guards of the natural realm. Peaceful and wise, they feel content with the world in any state so long as the mortals are not ruining it.

Their allegiance is limited to a primitive culture of trade that revolves around new stones, gems and metals to devour, as well as their sharing of knowledge about all forms of life, which they convey to one another via a storytelling they call a “Telling”.

Ashik consumption of earthen material is seen as a great honor that they need to earn each day, as the Ashik understand that this bounty of Laruna is not limitless. Every Ashik takes a solemn vow that states how they plan to validate the expense of their life and earn their place in Laruna. This vow is a lifelong mandate that gives purpose to their day to day existence.

Mesmulot | Dreamscape:Laruna

The nocturnal Mesmulot are a cunning, decadent race of natural predators. Formerly Descendants, they underwent an extraordinary transformation that saw them give up their wings and blue-green skin tone for fangs and a deathly pallor.

The aptly named “Darkspawn” are an enigmatic blend of dangerous energy and relentless beauty. More so than any of the mortal races, the Mesmulot people are seen as a strange dichotomy, inspiring fear and dread in countless minds across Laruna, while remaining some of the most desired consorts anywhere in the land.


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