Anima routinely square off against their own nightmares made real. Known as Reavers, these creatures are a living embodiment of dreadful subject matter. Devoted to the single purpose of forcing an Anima to stop believing in dreams or magic, these Reavers are crafted with wicked tools to push an Anima to the brink of their limits, and destroy them. These terrible monsters are a constant threat, each made possessing their own unique traits and abilities so that Anima must be forever on their toes so as to not be overwhelmed by their enemy.

Whenever an Anima spends Conviction in order to perform magic, they are also adding to a running Nightmare score in equal amounts. This Nightmare score demonstrates how far the Doubt is willing to go to extinguish the dreams of that Anima. In this way, Anima are always involved in a deadly balancing act between expending their Conviction and avoiding their Nightmares. Once the Nightmare score becomes too high, the Doubt lets loose a deadly Reaver whose only goal is to make the Anima give up their fight against the Doubt.

*Each new Reaver is an opportunity for a fresh new story! Every nightmare is different, and with three Reaver types and multiple Reaver Traits to choose from, Dreamweavers can craft the perfect nightmare for their players every time.

*Beyond these dark creatures, every player chooses their own Nemesis at character creation. A special and uniquely powerful nightmare that is always lurking in the shadows, a character's Nemesis is the one nightmare that they must revisit time and time again - or die trying. Their arch-rival can be an elaborate plot device keeping stories exciting, and personal. 

*With designs and abilities ranging from intricate to simplistic, Reavers can play any part in a story from mindless monster encounter to compelling antagonist.

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