The Doubt

The Doubt. The enemy of all who dream. It has seeped into our world like a disease, sapping people of the will to believe anything but the ordinary. Mankind no longer sees what is possible, only seeing what they are told to see. Our enemy has smothered this world for too long. The Doubt will pressure you, whisper lies about how your dreams are impossible. It will beg and plead with you to join the fold and let go of the spark that makes you who you are. It will show you how easy it is, that it is better, safer even, to just close your eyes and forget the hardships or fears you might face. It will seek to turn your own dreams against you, giving life to your nightmares in a frantic hope of convincing you it’s better not to dream at all.


No one knows exactly how the Doubt came to be. Perhaps mankind gave birth to it with their love of modern science. Maybe it always existed, and merely grew out of control as society became more comfortable with putting people down rather than raising them up. Whatever the reason, the Doubt certainly does exist and its grip over the minds and hearts of mankind is nearly absolute. Whether it has a grand plan or purpose beyond its need to self sustain is unknowable. It cannot be reasoned or negotiated with. First and foremost, the Doubt is a predator - indiscriminately attempting to destroy anything that threatens its existence.

*Every day, Anima must face the fact that no one can see the world they can. Everyone around them - friends, family, lovers, are all victims of the Doubt, forcing an Anima's greatest gift to also be their darkest secret. While the stories told in Of Dreams and Magic can be filled with joy and wonder, they can also be a dark examination of what happens to a person when they're the only one willing to believe.

*While many Anima fear their demise at the hands of the Doubt, rumors of Anima having all of their Conviction stripped from them and being forced to serve the enemy they once fought against keep even the most battle-hardened Anima awake at night.

*Choosing to disbelieve is always an option. Accepting a Doubt point during gameplay can save an Anima character from terrible repercussions, but doing so too often will cause the Doubt to crush their dreams forever!

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