Waking World

Look around you. The world is not at all how it seems. Somewhere, deep in your bones, you know it’s true. You know that this empty, grey world, is not all there is. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of the truth. Maybe you’ve picked up the smell of the sea on the city streets, or you could have sworn that woman had the wings of an angel, even if only for a second. Or maybe, you’ve seen it in your dreams. You’ve dreamed of worlds unlike your own. You’ve dreamed of futures you could never otherwise live to see. You’ve dreamed what it would be like if those places were real.

You’ve dreamed, and you’ve believed. You’ve taken the first step.

Of Dreams and Magic is set in this Waking World, a vision of what our world would truly be like if magic was real, and the many artifacts and denizens of dreams could also call it home. Players could experience stories of intrigue or grandeur, anything from learning how their town’s fabled sculpture is actually a golem that watches over the residents, to discovering a vacant home is truly haunted by terrible spirits after dark. Our world becomes a cosmopolitan mixture of the many fragments of dreams so many of us have. Players are encouraged to imagine what the world would actually be like if the heroes of their dreams could really save the day, or the horror of their nightmares followed them after they awoken.

*Is the Minotaur bartender in your town the most magical being for miles, or just a single face in a sea of strange creatures? Set the amount of magic that awaits your players in YOUR Waking World - populate it with strange denizens and mystical places.

*While Anima can go into other people's dreams, they can also bring the Waking World into their own. Through Dreamwalking, Anima can see the things the Doubt tries to hide, like a Reaver's taint on a murder scene or the true power hidden in seemingly normal objects.

*Take powerful artifacts from various Dreamscapes and use their irrepressible magic in the Waking World as you fight against the Doubt and its minions.

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