An Evil Mind Story Module PDF (Digital Edition)

$ 3.95

An Evil Mind is an ODAM story module designed for 2 to 4 players who assume the roles of new DCMA recruits under Nikki, Billy, and Jerry’s tutelage. The fledgling agents are thrust into the preexisting drama of their mentors and quickly witness how dangerous life as a DCMA agent can be.

This story can be told as a stand-alone adventure or as a sequel to “A Beast at the Door”, the story module included at the end of Of Dreams And Magic.
  • Use your powers as an Anima and attempt to stop a terrible killer before he adds to his body count;
  • Play as an aspiring DCMA agent and experience the dangers of a Reaver and his evil plot;
  • Contains three new pre-made playable characters;
  • Designed for 2-4 players.

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