Archetype Expansion 1 PDF (Digital Edition)

$ 4.95

This 43 page digital supplement provides players with 5 new playable Legacy bearer archetypes. Each archetype also comes with information on its historical background and its place in modern day society, making this supplement useful for players and Dreamweavers alike.

This Archetype Expansion includes the following brand new Legacy Archetypes, each with its own Legacy Arc, Legacy Trait, Virtues, and Abilities:

  • Pyromancer (Elements): The Pyromancer seeks to emulate Madruk, the god
    of destruction, in their mastery of the destructive and purifying aspects of fire.
  • Solstice (Light): Once heralded as harbingers of the heavens, the Solstice are imbued with the light of creation. They channel that power into all those around them, providing powerful auras and using their gifts to create inspiring solutions to the most dangerous problems.
  • Novesha (Calling): With uncanny powers of the mind, the Novesha inspire fear for their ability to enslave others, steal secrets and destroy enemies.
  • Rakora (Change): The Lords of Pain are wild front-line warriors who transform their agony and the suffering of others into fuel for their vast strength and martial prowess.
  • Maledictor (Dark): Practitioners of forbidden magics, Maledictors are masters of curses and damnation. Using dark hexes to torment and destroy, or bending minions of the abyss to their will, the Maledictor is a dreaded force in Laruna.

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