Of Dreams and Magic PDF (Digital Edition)

$ 19.95

Awaken to become an Anima and battle the Doubt in this new, imaginative roleplaying game! Confront nightmares, Reavers, and your Nemesis in the Waking World or take up the fight while dreaming as any kind of character you can imagine. The Of Dreams and Magic Core Rulebook (digital PDF) contains all the information that players and the Dreamweaver need in order to tell rich, fully realized stories in the Of Dreams and Magic setting.

The digital PDF version of the 286 page, fully illustrated, Core Rulebook contains everything you need to play Of Dreams and Magic. Optimized with convenient bookmarks for easy navigation, the Of Dreams and Magic PDF makes an excellent companion to the print version for modern gamers. Enjoy ODAM on your mobile devices as well as your desktop!

The Of Dreams and Magic Core Rulebook contains:

  • Lore to immerse players and Dreamweavers in the Of Dreams and Magic setting
  • Rules to utilize the Over/Under 2d10 dice system in social and combat settings
  • Character creation rules for players to create Anima, Reavers, and their Nemesis
  • Templates for character, Reaver, and Nemesis designs
  • Part 1 of a trilogy of introductory stories to get you started
  • A chapter devoted to Dreamweavers (storytellers) written by ODAM's founder and resident veteran storyteller

Everything you need to play Of Dreams and Magic is contained in this PDF version of the Core Rulebook.

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