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Wrath of Axitath

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The Horned Horror of Laruna lays waste to the Waking World in the Wrath of Axitath expansion! Every step Axitath takes is a deadly one as he destroys the city and threatens player's lives with its every move! Featuring the 85mm tall Axitath miniature, this is an adventure too big for the waking world alone! Force Axitath from whence he came and defeat it in its home world before it destroys everything in sight!


  • 2 Scenario cards
  • 29 Personal Reflection Cards
  • 4 Army Cards
  • 5 Demon Combat Cards
  • 10 Demon Standees
  • 5 Ward Tokens
  • 5 Demon Essence Tokens
  • 1 Axitath Mat
  • 17 Ruined Map tiles
  • 9 Laruna Map tiles
  • 5 Larunian Artifacts
  • 6 Companions
  • 1 The Sending Dream Fragment
  • 6 Wrath of Axitath Cards
  • 85mm tall Axitath Miniature